Via Dutch has the responsibility to her employees, clients, suppliers and products. Employees should have a well balanced work and private life, as should they have a safe working environment. Towards suppliers, clients and products, a diverse set of checks and balances are implemented into the core of Via Dutch, which are also mentioned on the page "how we work". A summary is visible below:

Via Dutch produces at a vast number of different production plants, whereby the following aspects are taking into consideration:

REACH This is a system for registration, evaluation and admission of chemicals in the EU. According to the guidelines of REACH, certain chemicals are prohibited, or limited.
FSC® Wood that is cultivated and cut down in a responsible manner in regard to people and the environment.
Better Cotton Initiative Cotton produced in a way that cares for the environment and supports workers’ safety and well-being.
OKOE-TEX Standard 100 Safe and sustainable textiles made according to strict regulations for harmful substances, fragments left behind and pesticides.
GS® International standard of high quality and safety requirements, mainly for technical equipment.
Blaue Engel The ecolabel for environmentally friendly product design of the German government.
Triman® This symbol is used in France and informs customers that they should dispose of this product by way of recylcing.
Grune Punkt® The licence symbol of a European network of industry financed systems for recycling package material of consumer goods.

To uphold the quality standard agreed with our clients, we make use of TUV and InterTek to test our products. If you have a specific question, we can make sure an adequate test can be performed to ensure that your needs are met.

Via Dutch is involved in the local community by supporting several local charities, offering internships and hiring people with a distance to the labour market. These initiatives are already part of our organization of over 24 years and part of the DNA of Via Dutch.

Last but not least, Via Dutch is an active member of BSCI (an initiative from Foreign Trade Assocciation). This organization has the goal to ensure that companies throughout the whole production chain treat their workers in an ethically correct way and that these companies are monitored. BSCI focuses on child labour, forced labour, safe working environment for employees and the right to form a union. Not only do we rely on BSCI, we visit our production plants on a yearly basis. Some are already being used for over 20 years now. Every year we return, discuss new products, check upon the factory processes and confirm the quality of our goods.